The Passion Within

Life seems to happen whether you want it to or not. Life is not just about living; it’s about handling the hurdles that appear out of nowhere, making you stumble and sometimes fall.


Did you know that life is not out to get you? It certainly can seem like that sometimes. But life wants you to succeed at whatever you are most passionate about. Maybe those hurdles, mountains, and sour lemons that come at us every so often are there to turn us back towards our destiny – our true inner passion.


So life has been throwing some lemons, hardships, and mountains at me for a long time now. I haven’t given up though. I am not sure I know how to give up. Perseverance is in my blood. Unfortunately depression and anxiety wind up taking me for a spin and I have my down times filled with procrastination, self-doubt, and inner turmoil. But I come back stronger.

This time I am like a train heading towards what I want. The job I applied for may not hire me (even though I want it so bad), but that won’t stop me. I have found my passion again and it’s igniting my desire to advocate for mental health and youth. If one door closes, I know several more are waiting just a little further down this journey of mine. I am excited to see what the future has in store for me. I’m also scared that I might not succeed but that won’t stop me from trying. Perseverance, people. Never stop trying. Don’t settle for what’s comfortable if it doesn’t ignite that spark, that flame inside that drives you to be the best you can be. Stare that fear down, take a deep breath, and jump into the unknown. Have faith in yourself. I believe in you. And I believe in me.

When something bad happens

So, rough times are ahead. What will you do? I know that I will come out stronger because I’ve done it before. I want to do it again because I can’t wait to see the adventures that are just over the next mountain. The beauty that is to come is worth the pain I need to work through right now. So I will not settle for anything less than the passion that is ignited within. Time to work, explore, and fight to get where I want to be.

Have you found your passion in life?

Passionately Written just for you, my readers.

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Three Years!


I can’t believe it’s been three years already since I decided to start this blog. Amazing how time flies by and you just don’t notice.

I had much bigger dreams about what this blog would be by now. Unfortunately health, depression, anxiety, pain, exhaustion and lack of self-belief has hindered it’s growth. But that doesn’t mean that it will stay that way.

I have so many great ideas and a passion that just won’t quit. I dream of being more than I am each night, and I am learning to see the awesomeness that I have right now each day. I know that I am a strong woman and that I have one helluva story to tell. I now must gather the confidence each day to just write. To write the characters that are screaming to be free. To write the fictional stories that want to be told.

And to finally tell my own life story from a place of truth and wisdom. My story  has the potential to heal what is broken within myself, and also the power to touch someone else through what I have learned along the way.

I promise to be real each and every time I press ‘publish’ – for both the reader and the story teller. You may see words on a screen, but I can assure you that I have laid my heart out for you. Writing is my truth, my lifeline, and my freedom. It is a gift to me each time they are read. Thank you for sharing my gift.

Let me know what you think of my writing, and my courage to gift you more will grow. Give me some love!

As always, Passionately Written…

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Self-Discipline Reblog

Hey Gang,

I just read this wonderful blog post about self-discipline. I hope to use some of these great ideas myself. If you are like me and hate the procrastination each day or you are waiting for inspiration to hit, give this blog a look. Maybe you will tackle your goals easier. Couldn’t hurt, right?

Daily Inspiration – Self Discipline

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An Evening of Awe and Learning

Stones in waterI am really enjoying where this Journey of Faith has been taking me so far this year. I can’t believe it’s already been about 6 weeks since I came to the idea of learning about different religions, faiths, and beliefs, educating myself on where they came from and how they got to this point, and the many differences and similarities between them all.

Tonight was day three of a six week course on Islamic Thought and Culture. I knew nothing about this religion before this course, and now I am in awe of the similarities to other religions I know of and how many of them have a connection running through them. I love learning so much that I get an adrenaline rush or a high off of the process. I love sinking my teeth into this subject and seeing how it all feels right within this journey I am on. I am where I am supposed to be; wondering, pondering, and researching the questions about how these faiths intersect, and seeing how we aren’t all that different after all. Maybe we, as people with differences who can meld into communities, can create communities that embrace each other’s religions.

It was not long after I decided which religions or faiths I would learn about each month that I realized there would be no possible way I could stay dedicated to this timeline. How can I just learn about one religion this month when the third religion I have listed is having a festival I want to attend and write about, or this person from the end of the year’s faith is only in town in the summer. I can’t possibly expect myself to be so rigid. Religions, faiths, and beliefs are what they are because of the people who uphold them, speak about them, celebrate them, and live them in their heart and their lives. One cannot put that to a timeline. But I needed to have some structure to all of this learning in my life. How can I make both happen at once?

I have decided to not make the months rigid, but use it as a guideline for when I don’t have something in particular to go to or see on a certain date. Reading and reviewing books, journals, and religious texts can be done at any time during the months, and may stay within my loose guidelines. But I have so much to see, places to go, and people to meet. I can’t wait to schedule in more interviews, find more resources, walk into buildings of faith of all kinds, and enjoy food, clothing, languages that are completely new to me. I want to experience the joy of people talking about their rituals and customs, hearing their views of my beliefs, and meeting people who are intrigued to know about this journey I am on.

Along the way I will be able to tell my own story. I will find the words I need to tell you about how I came to this journey of mine. I will tell you about the good things and the bad, and somewhere in their my own history will come to light – both to you and to me. There comes a time when some people look back on their own life and can’t see the steps they have taken to get thus far. I need to look back because I need to appreciate who I am and how I became me. Through my learning about me, I can better teach my daughter about her mother. My journey in this life is not just my own. There are many people who have come into my life and, whether they know it or not, are an integral part of who I am. To this I give them thanks.

So, my dear readers, you are also coming on this journey with me. I hope you enjoy the adventurous ride that is to come. It’s been an incredible one getting to this point. I’m glad for your company.

Once again, it is Passionately Written…

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