More Than the Written Word

What are those things that cross the page in neat little sentences? Words? No. Dare I say thoughts and emotions? Why, yes. They glide smoothly from the mind to the fingertips and are lightly punched into magical realms that cross the screen for all to see. But what kind of sorcery might this be? I’ll let you in on a little secret.

Words on a page

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Words are very powerful. Individually they may seem somewhat odd, weak, or even insignificant. But when time is taken to properly, painstakingly knit them together into a fabric, the power behind each word is incredible.

My love for words can sometimes be overwhelming. The act of writing brings about a heady excitement that one might find while taking drugs or during an exceptionally intimate moment. I can’t say I have experienced either of those particular events lately so writing is my adrenaline rush as well as my romantic liaison. And yes, I am sober and lonely. So very, very lonely. So lonely that…well, let’s not get into that right now.

Being a writer as a child was an incredible feeling. I wrote the things that were in my head and heart and they came out as stories filled with magic, emotion, and realism. It didn’t take much effort to write for much of my youth. But as I hit my early adult years the realization that words could raise a person up as well as cut them down became a shadow lurking around the corner. I have experienced both the positive and the negative that words can create. I have watched as people are cut down with one statement and expected to forgive and forget with the next. Judgement, anger, and pain are written in the same manner as that of optimism, happiness, and healing – one word at a time.

I am not sure what thoughts will come, what stories will unfold, or what statements will be made. But I am sure that I have lot of things in me that need to be put on the page, that deserve to be read and heard. I hope some of those things will make you smile, laugh, think, and maybe even cry. As I feel the emotion that my words bring to me, I will do my best to portray it to you with honesty and care. Writing is both my gift and my bane…and I wouldn’t have it any other way.

From me to you, it is Passionately Written.