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March Writing Madness

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Today is March 1. I have decided to write for 31 days this month, not to miss a day even for sickness or exhaustion. If I want to continue gaining strength as a writer, I need to darn well write.


Writing has been my love, my escape, and my clear, creative communication for almost all of my life. I have always loved the feelings when someone reads my work; therefore I have wanted to be a published author since I was 10 years old. I was published in the newspaper when I was in my 20’s; was a very good ghost writer in my 30’s; and I taught myself business writing and social media basics so I could write for several businesses and a couple of charities in my 30’s and 40’s. Now in my mid-40’s, I have also been a book reviewer for an International Spiritual magazine, and started 2 blogs – one for my creative writing and passionate musings, and one book review blog that allows me to read books by my peers and have my own literary thoughts published to help others. I love writing and I love to be read. These are great platforms for my creativity.

And then procrastination and self doubt enter. With them slinks in perfectionism and fear of failure – or was it fear of success? I think that one is a double-sided coin. But why do these evil traits, moods, emotions, life-slaughtering, crazy-inducing, talent-doubting pains in my patootie have to ruin what I love so dearly? I hate the mind chatter. I abhor the editing dialogue. I crave to dismantle the OCD blurts of incompetence at the peak of my creative flow. I need to lock up the critic, the mime, the doubting Sammie, the evader of all things good. I must conquer my lax inner demons with determination, tenacity, and good old ass-whoopin’ ambition. Time to sit at the keyboard with fingers limber and ready, or the pen hovering over the blank page. It is now or never, woman! Just do it!

Whoa ya! I feel the epistle juices flowing in me now. The blood is pumping, and the fingers are tapping. This is the feeling I love. Writing is a daily challenge in itself, but like many other daily habits, I can create a positive routine. I want to get my words out as easily as I used to. I was younger and healthier, but I ain’t dead yet. There is so much left in me to tell. I believe that you can keep learning until the moment you take your last breathe, and to me writing is the greatest way to learn about myself. When writing I am genuine and completely in tune to myself. It is like when I meditate – I go into the deepest part of me that not even my conscious self can see. It is the truly awakened part of me. Writing is a blessing that was given to me by God, and it is up to me to honour this blessing by using it to the best of my ability. I need to share it with the world because I am good at it and I have a lot of things to say that could touch someone that needs it. I can’t waste my gift. So it’s time to push away all those doubts and fears and become the best writer I can be each and every day. So here’s to March and my writing madness. May they be 31 days of beauty, tenacity, and learning abundance.

As always, Passionately Written…

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