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The Essence of Gliding

ImageThe feel of the cool air blowing on my face always gave me a burst of energy. It was time to skate. Lacing up my boots, double knotting them to ensure it holds, I begin to stand. A little knee-bend creates that lovely pressure around the ankles and base of the calf. A deeper knee-bend cracks the knees and stretches the calf and thigh muscles. Warmth flows through the body as the blood begins to pump. Swinging arms, bending at the waist, and upper body stretches. A neck crack each direction. It’s time.

The silver blades touch the smooth ice and I push off. Each stroke I make sends me further across the glassy surface and faster into the cool wind. As I round the corners, my knees bend more and my strokes dig into the ice making a slick soft crunch as my blades carve and anchor me for the next push. The speed is exhilarating. I feel like I am flying, my arms the graceful wings of an eagle, and my legs the intense power of a jet engine. As I sail across the ice rink in simple movements, my heart continues to soar with the love of life, the voice of poetry dancing with each twist and turn. It is through this simple act of figure skating that I speak my true self. It is within the walls of this building that I am most free. I am powerful, unstoppable, and unbound.

I am, and always will be, that irrepressible skater. The skates hung on the wall will not hold back the skater that still glides within me. It is a grace that moves me from within, finding moments to slip through in my dreams, in my thoughts, in my written words. It is a love so pure that very little can touch. It is the essence of me. It is me.

And it is passionately written…


6 thoughts on “The Essence of Gliding

  1. “…the voice of poetry dancing with each twist and turn.” The love you have for skating is passing along to prose as well. Well done. The old saying to write what you love shows here.


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