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All That Christmas Brings

It is such a busy time of the year. Christmas is just eight days away, snow is falling and cold weather is setting in, and songs are being sung as people get their frantic shopping done. The smells of cinnamon and nutmeg, ringing of bells and laughter, twinkling of lights on trees, and houses all dressed up for the big day. I love the joy this holiday brings to pe0ple of all ages, and I love the happiness that spreads from person to person. If only this excitement could last for more than just this season.

Our humble Christmas treeLooking at my Christmas tree makes me appreciate the year that is passing; each red Christmas bow seems to represent a great accomplishment achieved; every bulb is a light in my life that I can smile about; each branch upon the tree is a path taken to get to this very blessed moment. I plan to capture as many memories as I can and store them for after the holidays, using them as inspiration for all that I want to achieve in the days ahead. 2014 is already looking to be a very busy year, but hopefully by taking these moments to remember back on what I have achieved so far I will continue to use this time to move ahead. Instead of rushing through time to get things done, it is wonderful to slow down and see what is around us. There is inspiration in all the things we do and experience. There are so many reasons to smile and laugh if we just relax enough to see them. It is hard to remember that when the Christmas lights are put away, the tree taken down, and the music turned off.

As we get closer to the end of this most magical season I hope that everyone can continue to feel that joy and love they have felt these last several weeks. Play like a kid in a toy store, sing songs out of tune with your friends, and make strangers smile for no reason at all. It is this happiness that can make the excitement of Christmas last all year long. May there be peace in the fighting countries, good health and happiness among families and friends, and love between people of all ages. Merry Christmas to everyone!


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